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Atea Global Services
Key Features

DaaS - Automate PC Provisioning and Grant User Self-Service

Atea Device as a Service (DaaS) will save time for your employees and IT department by automating the initial setup of a computer when a user first logs on. Supporting both – company owned computers and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept which will secure and protect your computers and data together with flexible application installations from a self-service portal.


Mobilize your business

Preparing computers can be time consuming and in many cases more expensive than the actual purchase of the computer. With Atea Device as a Service, we have developed a solution where an employee can buy a computer with Windows 10 directly from Atea eShop, and at first logon the computer is configured with the correct shortcuts, programs and settings defined for your business. Each user can use up to 5 different computers and the settings will always synchronize.



  • 40+ applications with updates and maintenance
  • Pay as you go model - can stop at any time
  • Self-service portal for applications
  • Antimalware policies
  • Up to 5 devices per user
  • Automatic computer enrollment (Windows 10)

  • Always latest technology deployed
  • No IT personnel required to setup and run
  • Offload expenses
  • Become more productive

Top Questions
Can DaaS be purchased if I already have EMS licenses?

Yes, DaaS can be implemented on top of existing EMS licenses.


Is hardware included?

DaaS can be bought together with hardware from Atea eShop or bundled together with custom computer hardware leasing contract.


Do I have to reset / reinstall my computer to join DaaS?

No, existing computers can be enrolled in DaaS/Intune management without any problems.


Is Windows 10 required?

Computer with Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise or Education OS (64bit) is required.


Can I install my own applications?

Yes, if they are provided in single .MSI or .APPX format. Custom packaging can be ordered from Atea.



What applications are included?
What security settings are configured by default?

Windows Defender and Software Updates.


Is Microsoft EMS needed?

Yes, either E3 or E5.


What are the requirements to be enrolled into the service?

Computer with Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise or Education OS (64bit). Users in Azure AD (cloud only or synced with local AD).


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