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Atea Global Services
Key Features

Tired of not having your applications up-to-date or wasting your time to do so?

Do you stay secure and remember to update all your applications on a regular basis?

Atea AppUpdate is a unique service, where Atea takes care of the tedious job of maintaining the most commonly used applications for you.


We have 4 different subscription offerings:

  • AppUpdate Classic
    • The classic version of Atea AppUpdate, which is used by 300+ companies around the world and which contains 100+ ready to use application packages
  • AppUpdate 4 MAC
    • Like AppUpdate Classic, but this time for OSX
  • AppUpdate 4 SCUP
    • If you use SCCM2012 you can install SCUP and directly connect to Ateas patching service and get the most recent patches directly piped into you SCCM environment - ready for immediate deployment
  • Patch Management as a managed service
    • Want to let Atea being responsible for patching your PCs...if yes, then this service is for you

As you can see...Atea AppUpdate fulfills all your patching needs. No matter on which platform and how you want to get your hands on those patches.


AppUpdate Application List

Most companies use the same base applications. Atea has identified more than 100 most commonly used applications, which are typically released in new versions - with security updates or service packs - several times a year. The list includes applications like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, iTunes, Google products, VLC and many more. Whether applications are a part of the company image, or deployed using a software distribution system such as Microsoft SCCM or Altiris, the daunting job of keeping them updated in a timely fashion is the same.

Atea AppUpdate service saves you time and money on maintaining commonly used applications. All packages are fully documented and ready to be deployed.

  • Monitoring of new versions of the AppUpdate list from all vendors
  • Delivery of certified application packages in MSI or App-V format within a maximum of 3 days
  • Automatic notification when a new package is available
  • Full documentation and guides on how to implement the updated packages in your software distribution system
  • Save time

  • Stay secure
  • Keep your desktop infrastructure updated
  • Reduce costs
  • Share upgrade fees with other companies using the same base applications as you do

Atea AppUpdateDownload
AppUpdate - Your one stop patching solution
Top Questions
How often are application packages updated?

It actually depends on the different vendors and them releasing updates/fixes for their applications. We continously monitor for new releases and guarantee that within 72 hours after a release we will make available a new application package. Some application packages get updated up to 20 times per year, while other only get a single or two updates per year - as mentioned it depends on the vendor.



Can I influence which application packages are made available through AppUpdate?

Yes and no...


Yes, because you are more than welcome to contact us and give us suggestions of which application packages you would like to see in AppUpdate in the future.


No, because it is at our sole discretion to decide what is in and what is out. We will of course at all times make sure that the included application packages are relevant for you as a customer and that they present a value add for you and your end-users.



Can AppUpdate be used for patch management?

Absolutely and we recommend it.


If you look through the list of application packages included in AppUpdate you will see that you use quite a few of them on your PCs and all of them most likely get updated/fixed by the vendor several times per year. All of the application packages included in AppUpdated are fully documented and ready to be deployed through for example SCCM or Altiris. You just need to import them and you a ready to go.


We will make sure that you are automatically notified when new releases are made available.



How do I get notified when new application packages are made available?

If you use our premier application portfolio management solution called Application Manager, you will be notified automatically inside Application Manager.


Everybody also receives a mail notification whenever a new application is released in the Atea AppUpdate service.




How is AppUpdate priced?

Atea AppUpdate is a subscription service and you can consume as much or as little as you like. It does not matter if you distribute the application packages to 50 or 5000 PCs - it is all part of your subscription.


It is possible to buy subscriptions valid for 1, 2 or 3 years. The 2 year subscription is our most popular agreement length.



We are several companies in our group - how many AppUpdate subscriptions do we need?

AppUpdated is licensed per legal entity and it though depends on the relationship between the companies in the group. But, from a starting point, a license per legal entity/company in the group is needed.



Is the AppUpdate subscription automatically renewed?

Yes it is - unless you give us at least 1 month written notice prior to the end date of your subscription to cancel it.



Can I cancel my subscription and receive a refund?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

No, you will not receive a refund for unused parts of your subscription.



Getting started
How do I get started with AppUpdate?

Very easy...either you contact your Atea account manager and he/she will make sure you get signed up for AppUpdate or you do it by yourself here and now - just use the sign up button to the left.



I have signed up for AppUpdate - how do I get access to the application packages?

After you signed up and we approved your subscription you will immediateley gain access in Application Manager Online for applications packages you need.


Using our premier application portfolio management solution called Application Manager, the AppUpdate packages will also be possible to automatically import them into SCCM 2012/2016 and deploy to your end-users. This automation will save you the manual steps of downloading, importing and deploying and thus save you a lot of time.



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