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Atea Global Services
Azure Expert Center
Azure Expert Center

We know Microsoft Azure...


On-premise, hybrid, public…50+ services in Microsoft Azure…bewildered?


You are not to blame – Azure is mind-blowing and it can be overwhelming to figure out what the ups and downs of Azure are. It is not easy to combine the different pieces of the puzzle and end up with a modern infrastructure that fully supports your business needs. Is your team ready?


We have been working with Azure since 2008. And yes, we have hit those pitfalls during the years. You can benefit from it by leveraging the Atea Azure Expert Center.


Through our INSPIRE-RETHINK workshops we help customers move their workloads to Microsoft Azure. And, with our Managed Azure Services we ensure not only that all deployed workloads in Azure run as smooth as possible, but also that our customers achieved the best possible benefits. Click on the features and resources sections for further details.


  • Access to 25+ Azure experts
  • All Azure features covered
  • 8+ years of Azure experience
  • Innovative solutions
  • Effective Azure Operations
  • Maximize Azure ROI
  • Manage Risk
  • Offload and Innovate

Top Questions
Does the INSPIRE-RETHINK need to take place in Riga?

No, we can also do it on one of your locations.


But, we prefer doing it at Atea Global Services in Riga as this will - if needed - give us immediate on location access to Subject Matter Experts (SME) in all areas. Our experience from already conducted workshops shows, that no matter how well prepared the customer and we are, during the INSPIRE-RETHINK workshops often new and innovative solutions are developed, which require access to SMEs right away...and, nothing is easier than to ask them to come to the conference room while in beautiful Riga.


What is the outcome of the INSPIRE-RETHINK workshop?

Very concretely we give you a well-documented roadmap for moving your current on-premise workloads to Microsoft Azure.


In the workshop factsheet you talk about scenarios...where can I read more about them?

Click here.


How are the Managed Azure Services priced?

Some of the Managed Azure Services are because of their nature priced regardless of the workloads you have deployed to Azure. Other Managed Azure Services are dependent on the workloads you have deployed.


Give us a call and we will within 24 hours be able to quote you the Managed Azure Services you require - to your exact specifications.


I pay for consumption in Azure. Are your Managed Azure Services also priced consumption based?

Yes, some of them are. It depends on the nature of the Managed Azure Service in question.


Feel free to contact us for further details.


Azure Scenarios
My business has dynamically fluctuating personnel requirements...

Enable users to access internal data from their line of business (LoB) Windows applications anytime, anywhere on any device, Avoid hosting expensive, hard to maintain workplace virtualization platforms, Scale up and down on demand, Easy access management, Branch offices, where there may be limited local IT support and limited network bandwidth, Environments, such as "hot desk" or "hoteling" workspaces, where users do not have assigned computers.


I need to update business critical system, but I am unaware of the impact...

Upgrading and maintaining development/test environments for businsess critical applications is often very expensive and huge overhead. Create test environment effortless with Azure Site Recovery.


Business continuity is important for me, but I have no disaster failover site...

Avoid purchasing expensive hardware which is used periodically, unlimited computing power on demand. Pay for what you use.


I want to make specific applications available on all different types of devices...

Enable users to access internal data from their line of business (LoB) Windows applications anytime, anywhere on any device, Deployment of multiple versions of a program, particularly if installing multiple versions locally would cause conflicts, Access applications remotely.


I have a business that requires flexible levels of compute power...

Simplify and speed the process of running a dev-test environment. With Azure, you can provision virtual machines in minutes, instead of days or weeks. And unlike other cloud providers you only pay by the minute in Azure. Spin up as many virtual machines as you need, network them, and allocate to your developers. Manage your environment with agility, whether you support self-provisioning by your developers, or maintain centralized control.


I have an aging datacenter environment – it needs a refresh...

Decresed on-premise infrastructure, increase security, management overhead (Administering servers, running procurement, fiddling with cabling, monitoring power and cooling), gain advantage of new features.

My business has anytime, anywhere, any place application and data access requirements...

Branch offices, where there may be limited local IT support and limited network bandwidth, Access applications remotely, Environments, such as "hot desk" or "hoteling" workspaces, where users do not have assigned computer.


My business has high security application access requirements...

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication prevents unauthorized access to both on-premises and cloud applications by providing an additional level of authentication. Protect your business and mitigate potential threats with security monitoring and alerts and machine learning-based reports that identify inconsistent access patterns.. Allows organizations to use advanced security options like single sign-on with safeguarded access with mobile apps, phone calls, and SMS, Deploy on-premises or in the cloud, real-time fraud monitoring and alerts.


I need to control access and consumption to different SaaS platforms from my Active Directory...

Enable single sign-on to simplify user access to thousands of cloud applications from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Users can launch applications from a personalized web-based access panel or mobile app using their company credentials.. Single sign-on to any cloud and on-premises web app, Integrate with on-premises Active Directory, Works with multiple platforms and devices, Enforce multi-factor authentication with SaaS.


I use Microsoft Azure services and need to keep my costs optimized...

Be in control of your Azure costs, follow expenditure with live view of your current Azure bill


I need an overview of which of my applications will run on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10...

Check your application readiness for moving ot Windows 10 for free, gaining access to test results instantly. Typically application compatability verification projects might take motnhs and are exptremely expensive with varying test result precision. With Windows 10 Readiness service, applicaitons are checked against different variaty of data sources


I want to monitor my companies social media mood index – including keyword tracking...

Monitor marketing campaign reflections in solcial network feeds like Twitter and Facebook, get live sentiment analaysis of posted content to provide possibilty to measure marketing compaign success.


I am in need of being able to push emergency messages to my employees and/or customers...

Quickly broadcast important messages to all your devices, where ever they are. All internet connected devices have the possibility to receive urgent messages within seconds. Filter out "your" messages based on channels that you listen to.


I am facing budget cutbacks and thus need to deliver the same IT services for less...

Value of moving the solution from on-premises to cloud, no hardware investments needed that were previously required, backups, decreasing maanagement and maintenance overhead - no need to manage IIS server for example, test environment, reporting and monitoring benefits.


My MPLS bill is too big...

Increase bandwith between to computers, enabling transcontinental point to point connection.


I need to stream my company events live, save and share recording of the events...

Stream any type of an event from any type of device, without investments in existing infrastructure, pay for what you use.


I need to purchase expensive hardware to run simulations, video encoding, 3D model rendering...can I avoid that?

Azure Batch helps you run large-scale parallel and high performance computing (HPC) applications efficiently in the cloud.


I need to visualize data from different data sources...

Gather data from any kind of endpoins to analyze and visualize collected data.


Cloud Services Support
Azure Operations
Monitoring & Alerting
EMS Mgmt. & Support

Being a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider ATEAs aim is to support Microsoft Cloud services users at the best possible level of quality, availability and speed that customers would expect from Microsoft itself.

ATEA Microsoft Cloud Services Support is targeted to customers who purchased any CSP services and require technical support for its Azure users. ATEA provides service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round in English. Support in Nordic languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish) is available during business hours.

The Microsoft Cloud Services Support service provides a Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC) for all Microsoft Cloud service users. It ensures efficient use of the services, improves end-user productivity by advising best usage of different functions of Microsoft Azure and comes with well-defined SLAs.

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