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Atea Global Services
Trans4martion about Application Manager Online

"We have implemented the new Atea solution to drive one of our customer application packaging projects. The project is managed by our team and the consultancy part is outsourced to Atea. The customer on-boarding process was just instant. The end-customer Application Manager Online instance was set up during a phone call where we discussed the project details with the responsible Atea manager. All parties have access and there is no need in allocating dedicated resources in the customer environment. Our client is perfectly satisfied with the delivered services.  We are in full control of all events happening in the project, while Atea is simply delivering the application packaging service. Application Manager Online is a gigantic step forward in packaging service outsourcing and we are very much excited to continue using Application Manager Online in our future projects."

Marco Morgenstern - Head of Business Services


NCC about Application Manager Online


"NCC has used AM Online to order packages from Atea and when using Application Manager the software is injected into the NCC infrastructure according to standards controlled by NCC.

NCC has also used prepackaged software available in Application Manager, but since we have a fully manage client platform these actions are normally done by Atea.

Application Manager supplies NCC with a complete overview of the current state of any package delivered by Atea.

The Application Manager Online has further diminished the need for a big installation in the NCC infrastructure and thereby reducing the need for maintenance and administration.

We are happy with AM Online."


Per Lyngbæk – IT Chiefconsultant at NCC

Statsbygg about Application Manager Online


"We had some technical problem receiving our AppUpdate service subscription via on-premises Application Manager. This was running on an old windows server 2003 r2. Because of the problems and the old server, we decided to move the installation to a new server. We contacted AppUpdate team support to get some help moving the solution, where they suggested to try Application Manager Online. Because we already had Azure Active directory we though that we could try. To implement the new solution only took some hours, and there wasn’t much we had to do. We only provided some information, and connected the solution to Azure Active Directory before we closed down the old solution.  Our experience the implementation has been painless and much faster than we would have been if we should have installed it on-premises. In addition, we have shut down the old server."



Andreas Liaker – Senior Advisor at Department of Economics and Management




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